Pheco Machine - Microscope Zeiss Lumera I

Pheco MachineThe new OPMI Lumera i surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss ensures clarity – in two different ways. A revolutionary technology enables you to experience the red reflex with more contrast and stability than ever before. Thanks to the interface to the innovative CALLISTO eye™ OR management system, the entire OR workflow is at your fingertips.

Precision - for optimum results
Performance - for smooth treatment routines
Patient Care - for satisfied patients
Productivity - for efficient OR management

OPMI Lumera i is integrated into the innovative CALLISTO eye OR management system through a common interface. Easy planning, control and documentation of your procedures is available at the push of a button. With SCI, OPMI Lumera i incorporates a revolu-tionary technology for the red reflex. Contours appear razor sharp. You see intricacies of the ocular anatomy that you have never seen before. You experience the details of the patient’s eye more vividly and brilliantly. The different structures and fluidics can be easily recognized – even with dense cataracts.

A stable red reflex – without compromises
The targeted surgical area shines brightly and vividly as if you had just turned on a lamp, even with strongly pigmented, decentered and ametropic eyes when OPMI Lumera i is positioned over the patient’s eye.

Even deeper insights – without adjustments
DeepView, the integrated depth of field management system allows you to optimize the microscope in seconds. At the push of a button, you switch between maximum transmission and maximum depth of field – whatever is required.

Light – without interruption
The system automatically detects a defective halogen bulb. The backup is immediately turned on, eliminating the time required for manual replacement.

Perfectly integrated
Integration is the epitome of OPMI Lumera i. The video camera control unit is incorporated into the stand as well as most of the microscope’s cables. As part of an optimal workflow, the image of the surgical field can be directly transmitted to a monitor in the operating room or in another room, thus providing everyone with the same information and allowing live monitoring of the procedure.

Centrally controlled
OPMI Lumera i adjusts to your needs, not the other way around. The microscope’s touchscreen controls both
the microscope and video camera. The display is intuitively operated via on-screen menus and can be easily accessed during an operation, making things easier for the entire OR team.

For an efficient
workflow in the OR OPMI Lumera i establishes new standards in an integrated OR workflow. An example of this is the interface to the CALLISTO eye OR management system that is specially tailored to the demands of ophthalmic surgery.

For optimum networking
The innovative CALLISTO eye OR management system networks your OR procedures into one seamless process. For example, the microscope and the integrated control unit of the video camera can be controlled from one central touchscreen when CALLISTO eye and OPMI Lumera i are connected.

For a fast change
With the optional Invertertube™, conversions are no longer required when switching between cataract and retina operations.

For freedom of movement –
even when OR space is scarce Combined with the compact suspension system, OPMI Lumera i is also ideal for smaller operating rooms such as those in ambulatory surgical centers. For efficient, customized video documentation
The MediLive Trio Eye® video camera has been optimally matched to the particular type of ophthalmic surgery. Default microscope and video settings can be easily defined for surgery on the posterior or anterior chamber as well as surgeon-specific settings to reduce changeover times.

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