Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption

embryo-adoptionEmbryo Adoption is another new method to help build your family. It combines the Assisted Reproduction Technology with Adoption.The embryos come from the IVF/ICSI procedures performed on couples who are recruited to our IVF/ICSI programmes. These are top rated super numerary embryos which are transferred to prospective adoptees uterus. For young women, we can transfer these embryos in her natural cycle, two day after her ovulation. However, older women and certain other women need a pre-treatment before embryos are transferred into their uterus.This procedure is called adoption because the couple who adopts the embryos has no genetic connection to it. However, unlike the traditional baby adoption, the recipient mother undergoes pregnancy and labor and gets a real sense of motherhood.

Embryos are oocytes(eggs) that are fertilized with sperm and allowed to mature to a certain stage whereupon they can either be transferred fresh into the womb of a suitably treated woman OR can be cryo-preserved or frozen at a temperature of minus 196 degree Celsius by a process called ‘Vitrification’. The process of Vitrification has made embryo banking feasible as the embryos can be stored without them getting damaged and the pregnancy rates after their de-vitrification (warming) are almost comparable to those of fresh embryo transfer. The woman needs to have a uterus capable of carrying a pregnancy.

Sourcing of donor embryos can be broadly categorized into two groups.Firstly ,when we perform IVF and ICSI procedures, young women often produce many eggs and therefore many embryos. The embryos that remain surplus after we transfer the requisite embryos into that woman’s uterus, are stored. We do this by a process called ‘Vitrification’ and then freezing them in liquid nitrogen at minus-196 degree Celsius.If the parents get pregnant,they often agree to donate their surplus embryos to other infertile couples to enable them to start their families.

Secondly, the embryos are derived from donor’s eggs fertilized by anonymous donor sperms .We will be pleased to find you an egg donor as we have many healthy young fertile fully evaluated and properly counselled donors on our list, who have been properly screened for infectious diseases like hepatitis and AIDS and also medically tested for their fertility potential.

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