Tourism Ambikapur

tourism-ambikapurDeepadih : A Village of Samri Tahsil, formerly it was included in the chalgali tappa of the erstwhile Surguja State, It is situated about 41.6 kms. to the southwest of Samri. The nearest village to its east is Lamka. Depadih is connected with the tahsil headquarters by Kutchha roads.

Deogarh : About 40 km from Ambikapur,A village of Ambikapur tahsil, Deogarh is situated on the bank of the Rihand amidst calm and quict scenic beauty. It lies about 1.5kms. to the west of the Bamlaya-Ambikapur Road. From Ambikapur its distance is about 40 kms. towards south. The place is also called Deoria, due to the great number of divinities scattered all around. There are several mounds, formed by the debris of temples, each crowned with a deity.

The archaeology of this place may date back to a very early age. Its Guuri-Shankar temple might have been constructed by a Nagavamsi ruler of the Bhara-siva dynasty during 110 B.C. to 78 A.D. About 475 persons lived in the village in 1971.

Ramgarh Hill : A high hill of the District with a peak, Ramgarh lies to the east of the great road from Allahabad to Rameshwaram, in the extreme south. Allahabad is about 384 km. from this hill. It rises abruptly from the surrounding plains of the former Rampur tappa of the District. The nearrest railway station viz. the Kharsia Railway Station (in Ramgarh District), is about 160 kms. away.

Kailash Caves : Kailash Caves is situated at Sabarbar which is again 60Kms to the east of Ambikapur. These caves were created by Saint Rameshwar Gahira Guruji. Temple of Lord Shiva-Parvati and also temple of different God-Goddess are there in caves. On occasion of Mahashivratri huge festival is organized here. Major attraction of this place are temple of Lord Shiva-Parvati,Yagya Mandap,Sanskrit school, Gahira Guru ashram,Badgdrat Beir and Badh mada.

Shivpur Shiv Temple : Pratappur is 45 kms far from Ambikapur, village Shivpur is 4 Kms from Pratappur. There located ancient Shiv temple in natural atmosphere. Big festival is organized on the occasion of Mahashivratri and Basan Panchami.

Budha Temple, Mainpat : Mainpat is called as Shimla of Surguja. Tibbettians are rehabilitated at mainpat, which run small industries of designer mat (Kalin) and woolen cloths. For worship they have made beautiful Buddha temple. They followers of Dalai Lama have developed beautiful atmosphere of humanity in Mainpat.Buddha Temple is a place to appreciate the art of Buddha vihars and people of tibbet.

Nageshwar Shiv Temple : Kusmi is 95 kms from Ambikapur, and 10 kms from there on the way to Bhagwanpur, Nageshwar temple is situated. Natural temple of Lord Shiva and shadow created by Snake is the attraction of the temple. Big festival is organized on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

Tata Pani :This is a hot water source, and hot water is flowing continuously. Any body suffering from skin disease is found fully cured on taking bath into the nearby collection of earby collection of water. Water is so hot near the source of hot water, even the rice bundled in a peice of cloth are cooked. Whole year this water source flow with the same force and quantity. It was observed by a commissioner after taking bath in this hot water source that his skin disease was fully cured. Tatapani is situated in the Balrampur block which is 95 Kms. from Ambikapur.

Thin- Thini Patthar : It is a rock of about two hundred Quintal ,cylindrical in shape resting on ground rocks. When it is stricken with a solid matarial ,a metallic sound echoes. Different sound comes form different points of the stone.

Pawai Water Fall : It is a natural water fall flowing all the season. It is famous picnic spot. It is situated in Ramanujganj Block.

Kudargarhi Devi : It is worship place. A statue of Goddess "KUDARGARHI" is situated on the Hill. It is famous for a desirous demand. On the successful desire, the godess is pleased by the blood of a goat.There is a small hole (kund), the diameter of 6 inches but it doesn't get full even thousands of goat's blood is poured into it. Many people come here to worship the Goddess from distant places.

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